usb-robot is a set of software tools for communicating with generic USB devices from userspace using libusb. It can be used to send commands to the device directly from the console (usb-robot-slave), or as a backend to some rapidly prototyped driver in a language like perl or Python. At the moment it only supports control and bulk transfers.

Included is a program (usb-robot-master) which translates traces of MS-Windows driver actions from the output of USB Snoopy sniffusb version 0.1 into usb-robot-slave commands, so you can get your device to do whatever MS-Windows told it to. Handy for reverse engineering is also the simplified output of the sniffusb traces.

It is primarily developed on Linux, but I got it to compile on FreeBSD 4.2 RELEASE at version 0.2.1pre.


Please email patches directly to the maintainer! The sourceforge patch handling system is not often checked.


You probably want the SVN sources, which should be pretty stable.

Or have a look at the download section

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